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Prenatal & Postpartum Chiropractic

Pregnancy Pain DiagramIf you are struggling with pregnancy discomfort, want your body to be in good shape for conceiving, or prepare your body for birth, prenatal chiropractic care may help.

During pregnancy, it is expected that your body will undergo physical changes. There is a widening of the pelvis, compression of the spine, and marked changes in posture. With these changes, some women feel minor aches and pains, while some experience higher levels of discomfort and pain.

During pregnancy, several situations can contribute to spinal misalignments. As the baby and belly grow, women adjust their posture and gait to accommodate these pelvic and hip changes. All this can lead to painful misalignments, tender muscles, stiff joints, sciatica, and decreased range of motion.

A chiropractic treatment routine of gentle prenatal adjustments, massages, and stretches can help promote pregnancy, maintain pelvic balance, and align the spine. Since pregnancy is ongoing and changes happen daily, regular adjustments can contribute to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Your health and your baby’s health is a common concern during pregnancy. It is completely safe to get chiropractic treatments for both mothers and children.

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