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Welcome to Barton Creek Chiropractic

Drs. Tim Harrington and Leonora Landers are a husband and wife team that have been practicing together for over 18 years. Using a collaborative approach, they are able to develop a treatment plan for every patient that integrates the best of both chiropractic and functional nutrition care.


Central-Austin-ChiropractorsCentral Austin Chiropractors for Integrated Family Wellness

Why Barton Creek Chiropractic

We will recommend a customized treatment plan to include appropriate therapies that can include chiropractic treatment, spinal decompression, soft tissue work, therapeutic massage and passive stretching, and nutritional assessment.

The time we spend with each patient plays a key role in your outcome. Ours is a collaborative approach with your doctor and our health care team. Together we build a full circle view of your health to create a long-term plan that’s customized just for you.

Unique-5-step-protocolDr. Leonora Landers – Central Austin’s Foot & Ankle Chiropractic Specialist

We all know that the foot affects the rest of the body, dictating your posture, muscle balance, and joint alignment. If your feet are off, your whole posture is off leading to asymmetrical standing, walking, and sitting.

Flat foot, dropped arches, or excessive foot pronation create rotation of the knee and hip and unnecessary stress on the ankle, and upwards to the spine. This chain of events is more common than uncommon. Chiropractic posture and gait assessments are integral to finding and fixing the root cause of muscle and joint imbalances.

Dr. Landers has spent the past 17 years as a chiropractor, specializing in the treatment of pain, stress and inflammation stemming from imbalances in the foot and ankle.

Have you always thought that your feet were involved in your knee, hip, or spine pain? We think you are correct and our chiropractic assessment and treatment can be the solution.

We encourage you to invest in your wellbeing, as good health is your most valuable asset. Our message is simple… to deliver high quality chiropractic and functional nutrition healthcare so you can be pain and inflammation free and enjoy life.

If what we have to offer sounds like a good fit, please contact us today for a same-day appointment!