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Foot and Ankle Care

Don’t neglect your support system


We all know that the foot affects the rest of the body, dictating your posture, muscle balance, and joint alignment. The foot and ankle play a vital role in your body’s overall posture. If your feet are off, your whole posture is off leading to asymmetrical standing, walking, and sitting.

Flat foot, dropped arches, or excessive foot pronation create compensatory rotation of the knee and hip and unnecessary stress on the ankle, and upwards to the spine. This chain of events is more common than uncommon and chiropractic posture and gait assessments are integral to finding and fixing the root cause of muscle and joint imbalances.

The foot and ankle share the enormous responsibility being the body’s shock absorbers and forward propulsion generators all while providing the body with an impressive amount of flexibility and agility.

Have you always thought that your feet were involved in your knee, hip, or spine pain? We think you are correct and our chiropractic assessment and treatment can be the solution.

Dr. Leonora Landers specializes in chiropratic care of the foot & ankle.

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