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Reviews for Barton Creek Chiropractic

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heart-commentSetting up the appointment was easy. Dr. Harrington is great. I’ve had shoulder issues that I have been nursing for about two years and within 20 – 30 minutes I had a new shoulder. No pain, no more popping or cracking.

~ Jordan L.

The staff is great! A massage before an adjustment is the perfect answer.

~ Anonymous

Great staff, when I was in pain and needed to be seen, they got me into see Dr. Harrington right away.

~ Jane D.

I would recommend Dr. Harrington’s services. The office has a good energy and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable!

~ Anonymous

Dr. Harrington is awesome! Always a friendly and comforting environment in the whole office!

~ Francesca N.

It is always excellent Dr. Tim straightens me out whenever I need him.

~ Joe G.

Dr. H fixes me up once again! Thankful for such great place.

~ Jahan A.

Dr. Harrington needs to be dipped in gold!



~Gilbert M.

Tim did a great job on me, I really appreciate his charming staff.

~Joe G.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Harrington for years. His technique is very gentle. No popping my neck which has always been an issue for chiropractors. But Dr. Harrington can get it in place without the yanking or popping.


I was feeling very bad, my lower back was killing me yesterday. I’m feeling a lot better today. The staff is awesome and Dr. Harrington is a great human being.

~Carlos G.

Dr. Harrington is always beyond excellent! I left in much better shape then when I arrived!

~Christy F.

First time experience was positive. I felt doctor was thorough and knowledgeable. Enjoyed the non-water Jacuzzi.

~Jim T.

Very pleased with care I am getting, I have been out of work for week and a half. Dr. Tim explained what was going on and went right to work. Treatment seems to be helping quickly. So glad to not have to be taking meds for this pain.


Good adjustment and personable attention but didn’t get my stim hookup after adjustment and that was disappointing.

~Diana L.

Great work. Tweaked my upper back in my Thursday morning WOD. Got in to see Dr. Tim that afternoon and had immediate relief. 24 hours later I was back in the gym doing my Friday morning WOD with absolutely no pain.

~Jordan L.

I have been going to Barton Creek Chiropractic for over five years now and they are always interested in my overall health, not just the health of my skeleton. Dr. Tim Harrington is superb in getting to the cause of what ails me.


It was a simple experience with positive results. Dr. Tim explains what he’s doing and made me comfortable as a new patient.

~Robyn K.

I’m 68 years old and I started going to chiropractors in 1968. Dr. Tim is the best, I have ever been to. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Texas or he would be my only chiropractic physician.

~Russell M.

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