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Leonora Landers, D.C | Functional & Integrative Health Plan

5 Minute Complimentary Phone Consultation

This is where you tell me a little about yourself and I tell you a bit about what to expect.

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Your 5 Minute Complimentary Phone Consultation

Gathering Information Even Before Your First Visit

Before you make your first appointment, complete your health history forms and email them to the office. If you have prior labs, x-rays, or MRI, email them all before your first visit.

1st Visit – Establish a Baseline and Begin Phase 1 Treatment Plan

Your first visit is a 90 minute gathering information session that we use to create Phase 1 Treatment Plan. We use your medical history, lab results, current symptoms, and your goals to prioritize and create Phase 1 Treatment Plan.
If more labs tests are needed, like food sensitivity tests, they will be ordered here.

2nd Visit – Establish Priorities and Begin Phase 2 Treatment Plan

At the 2 week or 30 day mark, we meet again to review how Phase 1 Treatment Plan went, review the new lab results, and create a unique lifestyle plan for you to follow for 30 or 60 days. The Phase 2 Plan is a personalized plan,
where issues are prioritized and managed accordingly.


3rd Visit – Checking In and Begin Phase 3 Treatment Plan

Your integrative Treatment Plan should be taking root and you are well on your way towards your best health. Here, we evaluate and determine what is working, refine your goals, and prioritize once more to create Phase 3 Treatment Plan. We will review nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, exercise, and more.


That’s it. We did it!


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